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Since established, Antipinsky Oil Refinery has placed high emphasis on the charity. The effective charity work is proved by the top position in the nomination “For the Participation in the Social Work and Development of the Corporate Charity” taken by Antipinsky Oil Refinery in All-Russia Contest “The Russian Company of High Social Efficiency” following the results of 2015.  

The charity policy is based on the principles of targeted support, efficiency and regularity.

The main priorities of the charity policy are:

  • supporting and developing sports;
  • supporting and sponsoring children;
  • promoting educational and creativity programs;
  • supporting and sponsoring people with physical disabilities;
  • supporting and sponsoring member of the armed forces and their families;
  • caring of the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery effectively cooperate in the sponsoring and development of the sports.

The interregional biathlon event “Ugra Cup” for boys and girls born in 1997-1998 and 1999 – 2000 were held in April 2016. The event was sponsored by JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

The support of the sport includes sponsoring Russian sports associations of athletes with physical disabilities. In spring 2015, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery sponsored the participation of the children born 1993-2004 in the Russian Swimming Championship for athletes with physical disabilities (problems with the locomotor system) where they took 4 top places in the personal competitions and 27 top places in the team competitions. The team continued with successful participation in the II Russian Summer Olympics for athletes with physical disabilities where the athletes won 2 silver and 6 bronze medals.

In 2015, the companies sponsored the Tyumen Regional Center of Physical Culture and Sport for Athletes with Physical Disabilities, a public organization of Tyumen region. In particular, adaptation equipment was purchased. Besides, thanks to the sponsoring, three athletes from the Center took part in the Triathlon Events - 2015 among the athletes with physical disabilities which were held in Bronnitsy.  

The fifteenth forum of tourists with physical disabilities “Robinsonada – 2015” is another event sponsored by JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

Support of children is the second priority in the company charity activity.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery has sponsored “Borki Children’s House”, a municipal government institution for orphan children (Tyumen region), for several years. Antipinsky Oil Refinery is a member of board of guardians of Borki Children’s House with 33 children being in foster care. The company management is actively involved in the sponsorship activities. For example, a car was purchased for the Borki Children’s House in 2015. Construction works to improve the living facilities are scheduled for 2016.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery sponsors the Social and Rehabilitation Center for Young People “Nadezhda” in Sergachsky district (Nizhny Novgorod region).

In 2015, Antipinsky Oil Refinery channeled significant funds to Rusfund, the Russian Aid Foundation, to support seriously ill children. During the year, 11 children from different regions of our country received a chance of healthy childhood.  

From year to year, Antipinsky Oil Refinery has supported the events sponsored by its long-standing partner, Sberbank of Russia. Such events included “The Day of Beneficence” which took place in 2015. As part of this event, Antipinsky Oil Refinery sponsored the purchase of therapeutic Montessori modules. The large educational project “New Technologies” aimed to the introduction of the 3D-technologies to the schools of Tyumen Region is another prime example of collaboration between Antipinsky Oil Refinery and Sberbank of Russia. In 2015, Antipinsky Oil Refinery purchased a 3D-printer for the Physics and Mathematics School, a State Educational Institution of Secondary-Level Education.

The care of the next generations includes promotion of the educational and creative programs aimed to formation of environmental friendliness in children. In summer 2015, Antipinsky Oil Refinery sponsored a social ecology project “Green Patrol” organized by the Regional Center “Family” for children 8 to 15 years old, including those from fostering and large families of Tyumen.

In September, the company sponsored the VIII Forum of School forest ranger stations of Tyumen region organized by the Department of Forestry of Tyumen region in the Children’s Recreational Camp “Snezhinka”.

In 2015, as part of the joint project of landscaping of the Cossack Meadows Square with the administration of the Tyumen Leninsky Administrative District, significant funds were channeled to the construction of a new children’s playground, street horizontal bar facility and a special playground for children with physical disabilities.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery continued this work in 2016. The company is a general sponsor of the festive events on occasion of the 430th anniversary of Tyumen. 750 thousand rubles were 750 allocated to the festive events.

Another area of the charitable activity of our companies is support of people with physical disabilities.

The final event of the Eight International Creative Festive Contest for Children with Physical Disabilities “A step to Meet!” was held in Saint-Petersburg in July 2015. The purpose of the event was to bridge the gap between people and remove the stereotypes in respect of those who are called “handicapped persons”, “persons with physical disabilities” and “mentally challenged people”. Being sponsored by JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the students of Tyumen special (correction) general education school No. 77 for children with a hearing impairment No. 77 took place in the event.

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery lend help to the seriously ill adults. Nowadays, when a person achieves the adult age, specialized children’s funds stop to support him or her. JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery turned attention to this problem. The companies sponsored the design and manufacture of a unique facility for care of seriously ill patients “Samarityanks”.

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery actively support the members of the armed forces who got hurt in the armed hostilities, the members of the Russian security and intelligence agencies who got hurt in the rescue operations. In particular, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery support Ivanov E.A., a participant of the combat operations in the Chechnia and annually pay for his sanatorium-and-resort treatment at the Rehabilitation Center “Taraskul”. Thanks to the effective recreational program, Evgeny Ivanov realizes his dream – he is a Paralympic athlete in is a ball sport “bocce”.

Besides, JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery care of and support the members of the service families. In particular, each year they pay for the travelling by the mothers of the missing members of the armed forces from Tyumen and Tyumen region to Moscow region on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of Undentifies soldiers who died in the Chechen Republic and buried at Bogorodskoye Cemetery (Moscow region).

JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery sponsor meetings of the mothers and widows of the soldiers who died in local armed conflicts.

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory was a significant event of the year 2015. Those who stopped the enemy attacks as well as rear area toilers who secured the needs of the war industry deserve high praise. The care of the Veterans of the Great patriotic War is one of the priorities of the charitable activity of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory, material aid was rendered to the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Veterans of the Labor, rear area toilers and widows of the dead: necessary household appliances were purchased for 11 veterans (the company will continue to support veterans in 2016).

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day, the management of the companies decided to sponsor a memorial charitable event “My Grandfather” held by the Military Commissariat of Tyumen region to honor the war veterans. Besides, jointly with the Live Planet (International Environmental Movement), the companies took part in two nation-wide patriotic events: Arctic Expedition and Parade of Flags and Planting of Heroes Birchwood in the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill.

The charity activity is not limited by the above mentioned events and includes many good works demonstrating the involvement and kind-heartedness of the Group management. JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery is going to continue the charity work and contribute to the quality of life of the population, to support sports, cultural and educational programs and to render targeted social aid to socially handicapped people.