Antipinsky Refinery is the only one, constructed from the scratch, independent of Vertical Integrated Oil Companies, private but not a state-run, fast-growing company, heavily investing in deep conversion processes.


Antipinsky Refinery is the only oil refinery in Tyumen Region and Urals Federal District, conveniently located on a developed logistic network, which enables to market oil products on its territory and in adjacent Districts.


Antipinsky Oil Refinery successfully implements and applies the state-of-the-art technologies and latest developments made by the world leading design and oil refining companies.


Five-stage treating facilities are operated at Antipinsky Oil Refinery: such facilities are unique for the most of enterprises in Russia and meet all environmental standards.


The efficient social and personnel policy implemented and operated at Antipinsky Oil Refinery contributes much to the efficient personnel management and input of skills, in particular, through supervisory and single-function specialist training of the company personnel reserve.

  • 9.0 MTPA
    nameplate capacity
  • 98%
    processing depth
  • Euro-5
    diesel fuel
  • Euro-5
    Gasoline from 2017
  • 2000 ppl

JSC Antipinsky Refinery is a part of New Stream Group of Companies.
JSC Antipinsky Refinery processed more than 32 million tons of oil over 10 years, including over 7,8 in 2016.

JSC Antipinsky Refinery was founded in July 2004 on the territory of one of the major oil and gas producing constituents of the Russian Federation - Tyumen Region, where most of Russian oil (64%) and natural gas (91%) reserves are concentrated.

Antipinsky Refinery has reached the record high in Russia oil refining ratio of 98% 19 September 2016

Antipinsky Refinery has reached the record high in Russia oil refining ratio of 98%

Antipinsky Refinery, the main production asset of New Stream Group, has moved to a commercial operation mode with the record high in the country oil refining ratio. This was facilitated by commissioning of the combined two-section atmospheric residue deep c...